Sun 20th Jan; Hawk & Dove @ 5pm

James McDonald started playing in bands at the age of 15, as a vocalist
and then picked up the guitar at uni. He played in bands in the
Melbourne scene in the late 70s and early 80s. He has only come back
to his love for music over the last 5 years playing with The Goose’s
Bridle, a 5-piece fun dance band on lead ukulele and harmonies.

Cate Mercer grew up surrounded by classical music, and studied piano
in her earlier years. She also picked up ukulele and guitar at a young
age, but has only returned to her music over the last 10 years. She
helped Brendan Hanley (Mookx) teach the Ukulele Collective in Byron
Bay in 2000+, and played socially. She joined The Goose’s Bridle in
2018 as 3 rd ukulele and singing harmonies.

Cate & James formed Hawk & Dove in October 2018, which is a duo
centred around guitar harmonies in the folk/country genre doing covers
from a wide range of artists including Lucinda Williams, Kasey
Chambers, Paul Kelly, The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel and Steve Earle.
“I have always wanted to play music that people feel, rather than just
necessarily hear,” says Cate. “And that is happening, with people
coming up to us after our performances saying they were brought to tears.