Sun 2nd December; Harry Hookey @ 5:00pm

Inspired by the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Steve Earle and Leonard Cohen, Harry first started performing in rural Victoria as the Hookey Family Band with his three brothers. Harry then cut his teeth as a solo performer in the noble art of busking on Melbourne streets over the past 5 years, as well as winning competitions with punk rock band, The Bystanders.

Performing came naturally for Harry and whilst he and his brother Jack were backpacking overseas they tried their hand at playing in the US scene. Subsequently, Harry was invited to showcase his music at the2011Americana Festival in Nashville TN, joining an elite list of Australian’s including Tim Rogers, Henry Wagons and Paul Kelly invited to perform at the event.

In 2012, Harry won the US based International Songwriter’s Competition in the unsigned category for Misdiagnosed and graduated with a Law degree from the University of Melbourne. Faced with an enviable career crisis, Harry wisely decided to pursue a more stable profession in the music industry.

All the tracks on Sometimes reflect this huge transition in Harry’s life.“I gave up my job at a law firm, & strayed from the path that was laid out for me. I took off my tie, grew out my hair, and started singing folk songs. All these songs are about searching. Not that I really knew what for, I never really knew what I was getting myself in to, but I certainly knew what I was escaping,” says Harry.

Do not miss your opportunity to see Harry.

Tickets $20 Pre-sale $25 on the door. Click here pre-sale ticket link